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Not work-related (beautiful nevertheless) (College of Natural Sciences, October 2018)

Gift brings Eureka! moments to new generation of scientists (College of Natural Sciences, September 2018; photographs by Melanie Ayer)

Songbird garden provides soundtrack to semester’s start (College of Natural Sciences, September 2018)

Backyard Syruping (Still Gotta Eat blog, Spring 2018)


Making the leap from student to scientist (College of Natural Sciences, September 2019)

Field Notes: Stardust, gravitational lensing, and telescope time (College of Natural Sciences, March 2019)

Laughing all the way to the lab (College of Natural Sciences, March 2019)

Gem of the Neighborhood: Wesley Noble Janssen ’00 (Deerfield Magazine, Spring 2018)

The Sound of American Conversation: John Ashbery (Deerfield Magazine, Fall 2016)

Apples, Deerfield, and the Clark Family Tree: Ben Clark (Deerfield Magazine, Winter 2017)

Social Impact at Startup Speed: Caitlyn Fox (Deerfield Magazine, Spring 2016)

11 Tips for Conquering Life with Kids When Being Pulled in a Dozen Directions (, September 2017)

Recent Projects

Juniper Institute for Young Writers website

Project Spotlight: Website Revamp, Juniper Institute for Young Writers.
Created a messaging plan based on audiences; liaised with university web administrator to innovate within template guidelines; created new sitemap and information architecture; wrote and edited web copy; uploaded all content in Drupal; trained Juniper staff to update content.